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The Two Types of Rimfire Ammo for Hunting – What Is Right for You?
Rimfire ammo is one of three types of ammunition made from rimless guns. Rims are made from a hard metal like tungsten carbide or aluminum and can be custom finished to accept special finishes. Rimfire ammo is a very popular type of gun powder, especially for hunting and sporting purposes because it has a high velocities for fast shooting. Rimfire ammo is a sub-type of regular ammo made by the rimless pistol design.

Unlike regular pistol cartridges which have a primer located in a fixed metallic casing, rimfire ammo has an ignition system in the barrel that pushes back the primer and metal case to form a round. To ignite the rimfire cartridge, the first step is to strike the primer with the butt of the gun. This strikes the primer and ignites the primer tip. The burning of the primer and gases from the burning gas causes a spark which causes the bullet to shoot.

There are many pros to using rimfire ammo as opposed to regular cartridges. One of the main pros to this type of ammo is that it uses less powder than regular pistol cartridges. Using less powder means less powder consumption which translates to less powder used to complete the mission. This is important when you consider how long the range and target shooting will last. With less powder, you can potentially shoot more shots with less effort and less time. Another pro to this type of ammo is that it does not produce any foul odor and smoke which can come from burning plastic casing.

When using rimfire ammo, shooters can increase the velocity of their rounds much more quickly. This is because the ammo travels further but stays in the gun longer. Because of this, shooters can use the ammo for rapid fire practice or for rapid shooting exercises. Rimfire ammo makes the best choices for shooters who prefer to shoot from further away but want precision shooting accuracy.

Like all types of ammo, there are two different types of rimfire cartridges available. They are known as open rim and closed rim. The difference between the two is based on the primer which is used in both. The primer compound used in both the two different types of rounds is the same. However, the primer in the round that uses the open rims is placed into the cylinder a little later than the primer in the round that uses the closed rims.

Rimfire ammo is one of the most popular types of ammo for varmint hunters as well as for rimfire plinking. This is because it can be used for all of the same training exercises that other cartridges can be used for such as target shooting and training with live ammo. For both these exercises, rimfire ammo works best. This ammo also works great for plinking because it shoots very far off the ground and can help improve your accuracy at ranges over 100 yards. These two reasons make it a very popular choice among many types of hunters and those who enjoy the sport of hunting.


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