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Hodgdon powder

The name “Hodgdon Powder” is synonymous with gun powder. The company started in the 1940s and has supplied the firearms industry and shooting sports enthusiasts with quality ammunition and reloading supplies for over 50 years. Today, Hodgdon has more than a century of experience in the powder business, and is the leader in this field in many countries. The company is headquartered in North Carolina, and has more than 4,000 employees.

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The powders made by Hodgdon are made in Australia, and the company has been a business partner with the Australian Defense Industries for more than 20 years. The company’s enduring relationship with the American military is also evident in its strong ties to the United States. ANZAC (All NZ) soldiers fought alongside American soldiers in the World Wars and Korea. Since the beginning of the company, Australia has maintained a strong and proud military history, which is celebrated through remembrance services and ANZAC Day dawn services. We have hodgdon reloading data available in stock.

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The company was established in 1905 as B.E. Hodgdon, Inc., and has since grown to become a major distributor of smokeless powders. The company’s facilities are located in Kansas, and in 2003 the company acquired IMR Powder Company. In March 2006, Hodgdon began distributing Winchester brand reloading powders. The name “Hodgdon” has been a part of the powder industry for more than 70 years.


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